Senior Biologist, Project Manager - 7220

Houston, TX

Senior Biologist, Project Manager - 7220

Our Business

We are a global leader in environmental consulting - made stronger with the recent acquisition of Golder - with world-class expertise in environmental, social and governance (ESG), climate resiliency & sustainability (CRS), and earth sciences. Combined we have over 14,000 multidisciplinary professionals worldwide collaborating daily to protect and conserve natural landscapes, create firm foundations for communities to stand on, and champion sustainable development to combat climate change. 

As part of the team, you will have access to an unparalleled network of resources and endless opportunities to collaborate on exciting projects with diverse teammates from across the globe.


This Opportunity

Provides high level technical assistance and guidance for the collection, identification, compiling, and analysis of observational and spatial data concerning a variety of vegetation, wetland, wildlife, marine, terrestrial, botanical, and/or avian species.  Provides project manage and/or support and guidance for multi-site/phase environmental work and environmental permitting projects. Ensures that documentation and recommendations accurately describe the results of analyses and addresses biological impact and long-term ecological risks. Manage biological impact assessment, corrective/mitigation strategy development, permitting, and/or restoration activities.  Ensures that responsibilities are delivered and adhered to with a level of quality that meets or exceeds acceptable industry standards.

Your Impact

  • Provide guidance with data collection efforts for identifying and compiling observational and spatial data concerning a variety of vegetation, wetland, wildlife, marine, terrestrials, botanical, and/or avian species, as well as biological/environmental data from samples of air, soil, water, sludge, and other matrices for projects, investigations, and surveys.  
  • Analyze literature, data, laboratory samples, and other sources of information to uncover primary, secondary, and tertiary biological impacts.
  • Prepare and complete biological survey reports, data entry, impact assessment, and permitting activities for assigned projects (e.g. Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act permitting, CEQA, NEPA, etc.). 
  • Ensure regulatory requirement compliance pertaining to the data integrity, documentation, procedures, training, monitoring systems, and record compliance and retention.
  • Perform professional biology work and conduct investigations, inspections, and environmental studies and surveys to gain further information on a particular environmental problem or issue, verify site characteristics, and/or to plan for future environmental needs.
  • Conduct environmental site assessments (Phase I and II).
  • Prepare data and visualizations such as tables, charts, reports, models, cross-sections, and other illustrations for the interpretation or presentation of more complex data, findings, or analyses.
  • Prepare comprehensive technical reports and presentations that explain research, findings, and recommendations to address, prevent, control, or restore mid- to larger-scale biological problems.
  • Oversee and monitor cross-functional teams in executing project work, permitting strategy, environmental impact assessments, field biology, and regulatory strategy, including project budgets, tracking hours and expenses, and task completion.
  • Provide high level oversite for desk-based research, fieldwork, and/or laboratory work, including measurements, data interpretation, and computer modeling.
  • Provide biological and environmental risk identification and impact assessment, offering input with developing action plans for moderate- to high-level threat mitigation activities.
  • Prepare and implement site Health and Safety Plans (HASPs).
  • Coordinate with clients, resource/regulatory agencies, and environmental and technical staff in a confident and professional manner.
  • Collaborate with professionals from a variety of disciplines to provide future ready solutions for clients.
  • Remain current in latest biology subject matter and techniques
  • Actively engage in business development and proposal writing.
  • Exercise responsible and ethical decision-making regarding company funds, resources and conduct, and adhere to WSP’s Code of Conduct and related policies and procedures.
  • Perform additional responsibilities as required by business needs.

Who You Are

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Ecology, Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management, or a related life sciences field.
  • 7 to 10 years of experience working as a biologist and completing biological surveys (e.g. vegetation, wetlands, wildlife, avian, marine), fieldwork, habitat assessments, wetland delineations, and/or construction monitoring.
  • Specific background and expertise should consist of strong biology skills with specific ecosystem, habitat, and/or applicable species.
  • Expertise and experience with State and Federal protection regulations, guidelines, and consulting processes pertaining to the specific biology position.
  • Experience in conducting Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments in accordance with ASTM guidelines and industry standards. 
  • Established experience coordinating with clients, regulatory permitting and resource agencies, and biological and technical staff required.
  • Demonstrated experience leading and reviewing biological technical reports, environmental impact evaluations, siting reports, and environmental permit applications and licensing, including field surveys and reporting, and resource and impact evaluations (e.g. commercial, renewable energy, infrastructure, etc.).
  • Well-developed expertise with conducting NEPA / CEQA / other analysis and preparation of associated documentation.
  • Highly capable self-leadership and interpersonal communication skills with the ability to effectively, persuasively, and tactfully interact with employees at all levels of the organization.
  • Ability to work independently and provide guidance and leadership to junior team or project members, with strict adherence to QA/QC.
  • Proficiency with technical writing, office automation and communication software, technology, and tools.
  • Well-developed critical thinking and problem-solving skills required to reach conclusions from testing results, data collation, and identify the most effective solutions to accomplish objectives of assigned projects.
  • Proven track record of upholding workplace safety and ability to abide by WSP’s health, safety and drug/alcohol and harassment policies.
  • Ability to work schedules conducive to project-specific requirements that may extend beyond the typical workweek.
  • Occasional travel may be required depending on project-specific requirements.